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Here at Newcastle Steel Frames and Trusses we use only the best materials for the job. All our frames are made from Bluescope’s Truecore Steel in gauges ranging from 0.55mm all the way up to 1.2mm.

Our light weight steel frames are detailed in the most advanced CAD softwares available and are made to the highest standard.

Having several different rollformers Newcastle Steel Frames & Trusses are able to offer both 75mm steel frames and 90mm steel frames giving you more options for your project.

Truecore Steel

Our steel frames made from quality Truecore Steel come with a 51 year warranty (T & C’s apply) and will not warp, twist or buckle in the harsh Australian conditions like timber frames are prone to do.

Steel frames are also 100% termite and borer proof giving you peace of mind that your dream home won’t be damaged by the largest cause of structural damage to Australian homes.

Steel frames are also 100% non-combustible and will not contribute to the spread of fire through the building.

Trusses and Rafters

Steel trusses can achieve incredible spans due to their unbeatable strength to weight ratio. We can design, fabricate and install almost any shape or style of roof you can think of.

Whether it be a standard hipped roof, scissor trusses or even the most creative curves Newcastle Steel Frames & Trusses can design a cost-effective solution for your needs.

We also fabricate webbed rafters for conventional raked ceilings which create a great thermal cavity and allow services to be run through your ceilings that normally wouldn’t be possible using conventional rafters without unsightly bulk heads and service risers.

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